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The SuperHi Editor

An intelligent code editor, designed to help making websites from scratch easier. Set up projects, host everything in one place and get your sites online with one click.

Designed with beginners in mind, it helps you learn and get started making websites right away, without worrying about all the technical stuff like hosting.

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At SuperHi, we do more than teach people how to code. We create products and tools that rethink how people code.

SuperHi Editor 2.0 now in beta!

It's the SuperHi Editor — but better — and it's now available to all of our students

With true multi-browser editing you can start a project on one computer and pick it up on another, knowing everything will stay synced.

Any changes made to your code will immediately and automatically update the split-screen preview.

Errors and warnings are collected in one place for the entire project so you can easily find problems.

And much more…

The only editor made with creatives in mind

Host everything in one place

Host unlimited projects and all their files in one place. They’ll all have an easy to access SuperHi URL like yourproject.superhi.com.

Beginner friendly

Our editor sets your projects up with good default styles, provides helpful suggestions and highlights errors. Learn as you code!

Publish with one click

Switch between code and preview modes, password protect your sites, add custom domain names. Publish live in seconds.

Sites our students make

The proof is in the pudding. Our students go on to make their own beautiful sites and some of their stunning work has won digital design awards.

More features

We’re constantly working to improve the editor’s experience for our students.

Meet Wilson, our AI-powered assistant

Any questions? Ask our AI-powered assistant Wilson — he’ll provide helpful suggestions right in the editor.

Practical, visual tools

We’ve reimagined the coding experience for creatives with image previewing, a visual color picker, friendly UI and more.

Simple custom domain and SSL setup

Why not have a .party URL? You can add custom domains to any project, and make them secure with SSL too.

Say goodbye to typos

Our editor points out errors as soon as you type them, so you can quickly figure out where and how your code went wrong. Practice makes perfect!

Code suggestions as you type

Easy input for dozens of HTML elements and CSS properties, with explanations of each one.

Autosave and built-in version control

Never worry about losing your code again! You can create new versions, view and revert to previous versions of your projects.

Want to try out the SuperHi Editor?

Just sign up and you're ready to make your own sites! Available as a desktop app for Mac and a browser app for Mac, Windows and Linux