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8-week course

Our WordPress course is designed to get beginners making their own content-driven sites from scratch, such as blogs, e-commerce, and more. Learn how to take designs and turn them into custom themes and hand over a dynamic, updateable site to others.

Advanced CSS + JS

4-week course

For those that have a solid understanding of the basics and want to take their sites to the next level. Bring your sites to life with fancy animations, smooth transitions and fun effects. Delve deeper into front-end Web Development using up-to-date Javascript, Ajax and APIs.


8-week course

What do Airbnb, Soundcloud and Urban Dictionary have in common? They're all built on Rails! Dive into back-end code and learn how to use Git, the command line, and build interactive web apps — sites that take payments, have user accounts, and editable posts — from scratch.


8-week course

Are you brand new to coding or just getting started? Our Foundation course gives you a deep dive into the world of web design and development. Learn the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript and be able to confidently make your own websites from scratch.


4-week course

React.js is one of the most popular Javascript libraries in the tech industry today. Learn how to efficiently build UIs with components, and why this framework is an indispensable tool for coders. This is a great next step for students who have taken our Advanced CSS + JS course.

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How we're different

Lifetime access

Our part-time online courses are 4–8 weeks long but come with lifetime access, so you can take as long as you need to finish them.

Made for designers

Our courses are tailored for those in the creative industry. Work better with your coworkers, improve your portfolio and gain a deeper understanding of how the web works.

Fun, practical teaching style

We believe in learning by doing. We'll teach you how to make real websites and web apps from scratch and get them live on the web.

SuperHi community

Our community is what sets us apart from other ways to learn how to code. Join an inspiring, supportive community of students from 40+ countries.

Sites our students make

One of our favorite things is seeing the sites students make after taking our courses.
Check 'em out!

From our students

Questions we're frequently asked

Who is this course for?

Most of our students work in the creative industries — design, UX, illustration, marketing, product, freelancers, etc. — but anyone is welcome to take a course with us.

I’m a total beginner, will I be able to do it?

Yes! Our book and foundation course are designed for beginners and those who have some experience with code, that want to develop confidence and improve.

Our teaching style is practical and straightforward, and you'll have support from our expert instructors and community.

What's the difference between taking the course and the book?

Our book is great for those who want to get started right away. It comes with the SuperHi editor and everything you need to start learning.

Our course is a great option for those that want a bit more structure in their learning. You'll get one project a week with optional homework assignments for extra practice. All our courses come with the SuperHi editor, support from our expert instructors and access to our student Slack community.

If I buy the book and then the course, can you refund the book cost?

No problem. Get in touch with us here.


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Our book for beginners

Our Learn to Code Now book is a 440-page, in-depth guide for beginners that want to learn how to make websites from scratch.

Each copy of the book comes with lifetime access to the SuperHi Editor, an AI-powered code editor made especially for beginners to help make learning to code easier.

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