is an online code school, resource haven and worldwide community of 500+ creatives learning to code and grow professionally.

The Who and the Why

Coding is a skill that brings your designs and creative visions to life, and that’s exciting! We think learning how to code should be too. Founded in 2015, SuperHi is a global community of students learning how to code online, with some of the best teachers on the planet (though we might be biased).

We’re a fully remote team based out of New York City, London and Scotland.

What's with the name?

No, it's not based on something illegal we've been smoking. We pinky-promised our parents.

We wanted to name ourselves after how creative the early internet was – no cookie cutter websites, everything made by hand, from scratch.

We're named after a video on Youtube from 1994. A British TV show talking about this new thing that could access every picture ever painted and every word ever written... the information superhighway.

Our Team

Who makes the magic (and terrible memes) happen? SuperHi has 30+ years of coding experience collectively. We collectively live in 4 time zones, and all love doggos.

Rik Lomas 🇺🇸

Founder + CEO
New York
Rik is a British-accent bearing coder, teacher, and startup advisor. Previously, he was the co-founder of Steer and the first instructor at General Assembly London. He has taught over 1,000 people to code over the last 5 years.

Milan Moffatt 🇺🇸

Design + Brand
New York
Milan leads all things design at SuperHi. Previously, she was at a small agency in Brooklyn, and before that in Santiago, Chile eating alfajores and working with early stage startups. She is obsessed with Japan 🇯🇵 and can be lured anywhere with Thai iced bubble tea.

Adam Oskwarek 🇬🇧

Marketing + Growth
Adam is Dad to an amazing toddler and a newborn. 👶 Runs around north London thinking about startups, robots and the universe. Thinks everyone can and should be constantly learning new things.

Lawrence Gosset 🇬🇧

Teacher + Developer
Lawrence is a British man in London teaching creative people how to code by day, and is a semi-professional mojito drinker by night. 🍸 He was previously an instructor at London-based code school Steer with Rik.

Ryan Smith 🇬🇧

Full-stack Developer
Ryan is an Australian immigrant, living in Scotland and working for SuperHi where he’s a developer and The Keeper of The Editor. His interests include photography, hardcore punk 🎸, spoon carving and Land Rovers, and his favourite emojis are \o/ and :v

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