About SuperHi

We’re an online education platform and worldwide community of creatives learning together.

Code, design and project management are skills that bring your creative visions to life, and that’s exciting! Founded in 2016, SuperHi is a global community of people learning together online, with some of the best teachers on the planet (though we may be biased).

Meet the team

Who makes the magic happen? We collectively live in seven countries across five time zones!

Rik Lomas

Founder + CEO

New York, USA

Rik (he/him) is a Mancunian coder, teacher and CEO of SuperHi. He was the co-founder of Steer (a code school in London) and has taught several thousand people to code. He is a bit too old to be posting memes on our social media and recently featured as a Sour Patch Kid in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.

Navya Dev

Head of Strategy

New York, USA

Navya (she/her) leads SuperHi’s multidisciplinary teams to success by focusing on humane, efficient, and accessible pathways. As SuperHi’s Head of Strategy, she is hyper-focused on equity and inclusivity. Navya is also the founder of an advocacy group called Backyard. Backyard designs content and products to improve the job search experience and reports on labor issues around the world.

Ryan Smith

Head of Technical Research

Inverness, Scotland

Ryan is an Australian immigrant living just outside a village in the Scottish Highlands (we told you we’re a remote company!). He's the Head of Technical Research at SuperHi and a full-stack developer of over 15 years. He spends most of his time outside of SuperHi gardening, hiking and working on cars, bikes and motorbikes.

Arianna Ninh

Creative Technologist

San Francisco, USA

Arianna (she/her) supports students at SuperHi in embracing the messy magic of learning something new. She hails from the San Francisco Bay Area and loves hiking outdoors in the SF fog. Outside of SuperHi, you can find her attempting to make food or sculptures, or daydreaming in a park somewhere.

Panna Nyeste

Art Director

Edinburgh, Scotland

Panna (she/her) is a Hungarian designer and art director working from bonny Scotland. Previously, she freelanced and was a part of a small creative studio, where she worked across the tech, wellness and fashion industries for boutique brands. Outside of SuperHi, you can find her reading, crocheting or cooking up a storm (new recipes are always welcome).

Louise Bishop

Learning Design Lead

London, UK

Louise (she/her) has been teaching people how to make websites & iPhone apps for the last 8 years. As a Learning Experience Designer and teacher at SuperHi, she writes courses & content for you to learn from. Originally from the UK, but currently based in Bali, you’ll find her surfing, cooking, organising fun & helping people. If you’re stuck on something tech-based or otherwise, say hi.

Paras Memon

Learning Design Lead

New York, USA

Paras (she/her) is a digital product designer, continually working to bridge the gap between products and ideas through colors, shapes and space. Prior to teaching, Par freelanced for small yet mighty Brooklyn brands such as Buffy, Cadence, Dripkit, The Recount, Rosemilk Ceramics, WriteyDrawey and more. Outside of SuperHi and weather-permitting, you can find her laying on a patch of grass with her sweet dog, Virginia Woof.

Max Pete

Community + Customer Support Lead

San Diego, USA

Max aka The One Hand Wonder Man (he/him) is SuperHi's Community + Customer Support Lead residing in San Diego, CA. Max also serves as a coach for kids with limb differences at Nubability and is on the board of the nonprofit Design With Us. Beyond work, Max is an active runner and also enjoys making playlists for any occasion.

Robyn Dooley


Liverpool, UK

Robyn (she/her) is German-born and UK-based. With a background in learning design, she works with creators to design and launch learning experiences. As a strategist, she supports others in making their ideas a reality. Outside of SuperHi, you’ll find her studying psychology, wandering around Liverpool, travelling, and finding the next best Ramen bar.

Kali Block-Steele

Project Manager

New York, USA

Kali (she/her) is a Project Manager who likes to say she’s been PM’ing her life since she was itty bitty. She loves a good plan that gives room for fun and supported exploration. What she also loves is life-work balance! When Kali isn’t doing SuperHi things you can find her in the forest hugging trees, carving wax for a jewelry piece, or trying out a new recipe!

Charles De Mount

Front-end Engineer

Montréal, Canada

Charles (he/him) is a Côte d'Ivoire-raised coding and design enthusiast. Having started his journey through the SuperHi courses, the work of fellow community members inspired him to begin exploring the intersection between bits and vectors. Before working at SuperHi, he was helping engineering teams of all sizes succeed at Vercel. In his free time, he enjoys learning about various topics from quantum mechanics to macroeconomics or otherwise biking through Montréal in the summer.

Floor Banga

Content Lead

Amsterdam, NL

Floor (she/her) is crazy about content & branding and is determined to make content more human; less buzzwords, more humour and clear information. In her free time you can find her teaching her dog Mussi how to be a circus dog (still working on that) or on the hunt for interesting (read: patterned, sequinned or embroidered) second hand clothing and home deco.

Piper Haywood

Front-end Engineer

New York, USA

Piper (she/her) is a design-adjacent web developer. Before SuperHi, she worked independently for almost a decade with a number of renowned individuals and orgs in the cultural sector. She is currently based in Brooklyn after a short stint in San Francisco and 10 years in the UK. When she’s not chasing her little boy around, she tries to take a moment to record all the important stuff on her site.

Eva Tkautz

Senior Product Designer

London, UK

Eva (she/her) is a Slovenian product designer based in London. Inspired by her life in 5 countries, she loves designing tools for people and the planet. Previously, she created tools to help people think and design more inclusively – from designers, teachers, artists, to companies like Figma. Eva has coding experience and takes photos exploring feminine expression and humour. She also loves going to gigs and dancing!

Christian Laufenböck


Ried im Innkreis, Austria

Christian (he/him) is a designer turned developer. Having dipped into SuperHi courses himself, he fell in love with turning ideas and designs into useable products on the www. He is based in the Austrian countryside where he lives with his wonderful wife and lovely kids.

John Schulisch

Sr Graphic Designer

Malmo, Sweden

John (he/him) is a graphic designer from Sweden interested in creating conceptual and visual design solutions in a simple, clear, playful way. In his spare time he enjoys running, skateboarding or drawing. He loves spending time with his girlfriend and friends, often wandering through thrift /antique stores. John also loves being in nature, whether it's going snowboarding, hiking, or winding down at his family’s secluded holiday house.

Christabelle Boateng

Community + Customer Support Lead

Accra, Ghana

Christabelle aka Kriss (she/her) loves delighting people by supporting and building awesome customer experiences. Before SuperHi, Christabelle worked across sharing economy and health tech companies. Outside of SuperHi, she can be found reading, cooking, trying out new restaurants or rewatching the Gilmore Girls again.

What’s with the company name?

No, it’s not based on something illegal we’ve been smoking. We pinky-promised our parents.

We’re named after a video on YouTube from 1994. A British TV show talking about this new thing that could access every picture ever painted and every word ever written... the informationsuperhighway.

We wanted to name ourselves after how creative the early internet was – no cookie cutter websites, no templates, everything made by hand, from scratch. Where things aren’t always perfect but they’re personal and real.

Why we teach online

After teaching at General Assembly, I started a code school in London called Steer. We held 5-day courses where students would turn up to our classroom on a Monday morning and leave on a Friday evening. I would stand in front of the class teaching the same material, week in week out, and over time, I noticed so many of the tiny issues of running a classroom-based school.

It was strange that we were teaching digital skills but not using any of the innovations that the same technology gives us. When I left Steer to start SuperHi, I wanted to take the best parts of an in-person classroom and use the internet to make the experience even better.

SuperHi is a more affordable, accessible way to learn. You’re not paying thousands of dollars extra because we rented a classroom in a prime city location. We teach you wherever you are — our students are in 90 countries and 16 time zones!

We call it ‘asynchronous learning’. You don’t need to be there at a certain time. Whether you’re a quicker or slower learner, learning is at your pace, not ours. You can ask any question without feeling embarrassed in front of a group, and there’s no need to quit your job to skill up.

Just like our students, the SuperHi team is distributed globally which means we hire the best teachers in the world. You’re not being taught by some guy who happens to be available to stand in front of a class at that time in your city.

Learning anything creative shouldn’t feel like you’re in a military bootcamp. We get much stronger outcomes than whenever I taught in a classroom previously, and our results speak for themselves. Our students have gone on to change careers, increase salaries, go freelance and receive top awards for digital design.

Learn the SuperHi way.

Rik Lomas, SuperHi founder + CEO

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