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Achieve your creative goals through our tailored course collections, designed to take you through a learning path. Or purchase more than 1 course to create your own custom collection, and get a discount too.

8 results
8 results
Design + code artwork

Design + code

Become a fully-rounded digital designer and coder

Creative freelancer artwork

Creative freelancer

Looking to start as a creative freelancer? Get all the skills you need


Front-end coding starter

Interested in beginning a career in coding? Our bundle is a great place to start learning.


Python + Data Visualization

Learn to automate tasks and build websites in Python, then add beautiful charts and graphs to them with D3.js

Why collections?

Learning new skills is not just about taking a class and, shazam, you're there.

We've selected courses that work well together to grow your skills and your confidence, one course at a time. They're perfectly matched to take you from where you are to where you'd like to be.

These collections build on one another and have been chosen based upon the routes our most successful students have taken to achieve theirs.

Learning topics in a particular order will mean you level-up through practice so you can take the best path to achieving your goals.

Beautiful beginners artwork

Beautiful beginners

Get started in the world of design and code

Animation + movement artwork

Animation + movement

Take your websites to the next level with movement, animation and transitions

Experimental + 3D artwork

Experimental + 3D

Want to get weird with code? Push your experimental side to the edge

Shopify starter artwork

Shopify starter

Everything you need to start building Shopify themes from scratch