Save more with bundles

Courses are better together! Get more bounce for your ounce with our recommended bundles. Learn the SuperHi way and you’ll find yourself where you want to be. These bundles are designed to help you take the best path there.

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Community for life

You're not alone. We're all new or progressing at something. When we learn together there's no such thing as failing, it's just something you've yet to grasp. If you don't get it, ask. Everyone here wants you to succeed.

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Higher, wider education

Learning new and improving your existing skills is about being patient with yourself, building up your knowledge, and developing confidence through practice and with time. We've seen our students around the world do it, and so can you!

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We're all busy, sometimes overwhelmed. Being able to learn new things in your own time and at a pace that works for you is crucial. You're investing in your brain and that shouldn't be a race or another stress.

How do bundles work?

We've selected courses that work well together to help you build your confidence and grow your skills. They're perfectly matched to take you from where you are to where you'd like to be.

Learning topics in a particular order will mean you level-up through practice so you can take the best path to achieving your goals.

Why bundles?

We've seen many of our students go on a journey with us through several courses. Learning new skills is not just about taking a class and, shazam, you're there.

These bundles build on one another and have been chosen based upon the routes our most successful students have taken to achieve theirs.

Get courses together in a bundle

Courses are better together! Get more bounce for your ounce with our recommended bundles.

Front-end coding starter bundle

Interested in beginning a career in coding? Our bundle is a great place to start learning.

Experimental bundle

Wanna make weird shit on the internet? This bundle is perfect for you.

Data, design + math

Be the master of data with this bundle covering data, digital design and math.

Ecommerce + Front-end Bundle

Learn to make the kind of e-commerce sites you get on SiteInspire and Awwwards

Front-end + WordPress Kit

Want killer WordPress based sites but don't know where to start with code?

Website Builder Bundle

Just starting out? This bundle will start you from the beginning and get you making the sites you want to make.

Javascript Expansion Pack

Just starting Javascript and want to go even deeper? Expand your JS skills here!

Experimental Math Bundle

Admire the weird and wonderful sites but want to get stronger at the math?

Design + Web Type Bundle

Love design, typography and code and want to learn it properly? This is the perfect starter pack.

Want a custom bundle?

Just drop us a message with the courses you're interested in!

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