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Creative Coding

In this exclusive course, SuperHi have partnered up with the incredibly talented Futurefabric to design and produce a course all about creative motion with coding.

This course, aimed at beginners, will teach you how to work with motion, timings, easings and shapes to create animation toys. We’ll dive into Two.js, a Javascript tool for creating and manipulating shapes to design your own fun animations.

You don’t need any prior knowledge of how to work with code or motion to take this. View a sneak peek of the course here!

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What you'll learn

How to think about animation toys from a non-code, motion-based standpoint

Working with Two.js within an in-browser canvas, even if you've never coded before

How to manage and manipulate multiple shapes using code

How to manage a timeline of events and loop over your animation toy

How to work with easings and delays to make our animations feel more natural

How to think about self-initiated projects from an animation and motion point of view

Here’s how we’re different...

Support that actually helps.

Forever-access to our online Slack community of creative students from around the world, learning to code together, plus a Q+A section on every page. With our team based worldwide, we can support you whether you're coding early in the morning or late at night.

Real-world projects you'll want to create and remix.

Our course is practical, unlike other programs that take forever before you make your first real-world project. We care about design and focus on creative industries — it's not a computer science lecture, you're learning to make projects you'd want to make.

Structured, and flexible.

Our course is set-up to deliver real projects — no bullshit! — and we designed it so it’s totally flexible. While you can learn at your own pace, we’ll be here to guide you through-out your learning.

Design focused.

You don't need to be creative to take our courses, but everything we do is focused on making beautiful sites you actually want to make. This isn't your average online school — we focus on the practical aspect of learning.

Who is the course for?

Anyone who wants to learn how to create animation toys and use motion in their projects.

This is a beginner course with no requirements apart from being comfortable using a computer. If you use programs like Microsoft Word or Photoshop without trouble, you're good to go

While this course covers Javascript, you don't need any prior knowledge of Javascript at all to start.

What do I need?

A computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) with the latest version of Chrome installed and a broadband internet connection. That’s it!

Everything you need to build a website from scratch…

Introducing the SuperHi Editor — an intelligent code editor, designed to make coding easier.

At SuperHi, not only do we teach people how to code. We design and create products that rethink how people should code.

The SuperHi Editor is a code editor, designed from scratch, that hosts all your files in one place and publishes your sites to the web with the click of a button. Get quick tips like spellcheck and color selection while you type. Any questions? Ask Wilson, our AI-powered assistant, and get answers right in the editor.

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Meet your instructors

Our non-nerdy instructors have decades of professional experience, spoken at international conferences and have won countless web design awards.

Rik Lomas

Rik Lomas

Rik is the founder and CEO of SuperHi, previously co-founder of code school Steer and first instructor at General Assembly London. He has taught several thousand people over the last 8 years.

Guy Moorhouse

Guy Moorhouse

Guy is the designer + developer behind Futurefabric — a London-based digital design studio who work with many businesses, from fledgling startups to established, large organisations.

...and Wilson

Wilson is our artificially intelligent helper. Ask him anything. He doesn't have any social media profiles but one day he will run the company.