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is an online creative education platform and worldwide online community of creatives learning together.

The Who and the Why

Code and design are skills that bring your creative visions to life, and that’s exciting! We think learning how to build new skills and grow your confidence should be too. Founded in 2016, SuperHi is a global community of students learning online, with some of the best teachers on the planet (though we might be biased).

We’re a fully-remote team based out of New York City, London, Hull, Inverness, Stockholm, Lisbon, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and San Francisco.

What's with the company name?

No, it's not based on something illegal we've been smoking. We pinky-promised our parents.

We're named after a video on Youtube from 1994. A British TV show talking about this new thing that could access every picture ever painted and every word ever written... the information superhighway.

We wanted to name ourselves after how creative the early internet was – no cookie cutter websites, no templates, everything made by hand, from scratch. Where things aren't always perfect but they're personal and real.

Meet the team

Who makes the magic happen? We collectively live in seven countries and five time zones, all love doggos… and cats, especially cats.

Rik Lomas

Founder + CEO
🇺🇸 New York

Rik is a Mancunian coder, teacher and CEO of SuperHi. He was the co-founder of Steer (a code school in London) and has taught several thousand people to code. He is a bit too old to be posting memes on our social media and recently featured as a Sour Patch Kid in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.

Mariví Nadal

Customer Experience + Ops
🇸🇪 Stockholm

Through user research and data analysis Mariví turns hiccups into hallelujahs for our students. If today is Tuesday, chances are she’s having 🌮🌮 at this very moment. Any other day and she’s probably doing barre or revising her debuting novel for what she says is the very last time…

Chris Lawrence

🇬🇧 London

Chris works on SuperHi tools and features to help automate educational processes and experience! Previous to SuperHi, Chris worked at various design agencies and startups as a software engineer. Fun fact: Chris got his first job as a web developer without ever making a website before.

Ana Wang

🇨🇦 Vancouver

Ana enjoys simplifying the complex, so here she is at SuperHi, producing content to help creative people learn and grow, using herself as an observer and experiment. Outside of SuperHi, she’s either writing, learning or “shopping”. A good day is when she does all three, bubble tea in hand.

Ryan Smith

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Inverness

Ryan is an Australian immigrant living in a village in the Scottish Highlands (we told you we’re a remote company!). He's a developer and The Keeper of the SuperHi Editor. He spends most of his time outside of SuperHi gardening and working on cars.

Mirna Wong

🇬🇧 Hull

Mirna is a Queens, NYC native living, oop north, in England, working on helping our community be the best it can be. In her spare time, she's part of the CrossFit cult ("how do you know if someone does CrossFit...?") and looks after a baby boy and Frankie the Beagle. See if you can spot her in a video inspired by Ridley Scott/H.R. Giger's "Alien" movie!

André Cândido

🇵🇹 Lisbon

André is a Portuguese dreamer working from (mostly) sunny Lisbon. As SuperHi's designer and art director, he drives the visual expressions of the brand across our products. In addition to swimming twice a week, he is also an avid reader of independent magazines and a board game addict.

Brian Ignacio

🇺🇸 Brooklyn

Brian is a Californian expat, living in Bushwick. He spends his time learning more about how he can best support the SuperHi student community. On his off days, he loves writing, making music, painting, and reading.

Varshini Nanthakumar

🇭🇰 Hong Kong

Varshini is a Hong Kong expat, working on helping students get the most out of their learning with SuperHi. She grew up in Hanoi and Bangkok, and speaks fluent French and Korean. In her spare time, she's either learning Python 🐍 or binge watching crime documentaries on Netflix or reality TV shows such 90 Day Fiancé and The Bachelor(ette).

Liz Wells

🇺🇸 Brooklyn

Liz spends her days designing better products and experiences for the SuperHi students. Liz also cofounded Desk Lunch, a weekly newsletter for folks of marginalized genders in the creative industry. Previously, Liz spent 5 years at Stink Studios as one of their first-ever UX hires. She is an avid podcast listener, please send her recommendations.

Rusty Meadows

🇺🇸 Los Angeles

Rusty lives in sunny Los Angeles and helps with SuperHi's strategy + operations. He has spent the last 10 years working with various ecommerce brands and startups. On the weekends you can find him driving around exploring the Western United States.

Arianna Ninh

🇺🇸 San Francisco

Arianna supports students at SuperHi in embracing the messy magic of learning something new. She hails from the San Francisco Bay Area and loves hiking outdoors in the SF fog (aka Karl). Outside of SuperHi, you can find her attempting to make food or weird sculptures, or daydreaming in a park somewhere.

Why we teach online…

Pencils and paper flying around a set

After teaching at General Assembly, I started a code school in London called Steer. We held 5-day courses where students would turn up to our classroom on a Monday morning and leave on a Friday evening. I would stand in front of the class teaching the same material, week in week out, and over time, I noticed so many of the tiny issues of running a classroom-based school.

It was strange that we were teaching digital skills but not using any of the innovations that the same technology gives us. When I left Steer to start SuperHi, I wanted to take the best parts of an in-person classroom and use the internet to make the experience even better.

SuperHi is a more affordable, accessible way to learn. You're not paying thousands of dollars extra because we rented a classroom in a prime city location. We teach you wherever you are — our students are in 90 countries and 16 time zones!

We call it ‘asynchronous learning’. You don’t need to be there at a certain time. Whether you’re a quicker or slower learner, learning is at your pace, not ours. You can ask any question without feeling embarrassed in front of a group, and there’s no need to quit your job to skill up.

Just like our students, the SuperHi team is distributed globally which means we hire the best teachers in the world. You’re not being taught by some guy who happens to be available to stand in front of a class at that time in your city.

Learning anything creative shouldn’t feel like you’re in a military bootcamp. We get much stronger outcomes than whenever I taught in a classroom previously, and our results speak for themselves. Our students have gone on to change careers, increase salaries, go freelance and receive top awards for digital design.

Learn the SuperHi way.


Rik Lomas,
SuperHi founder + CEO

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