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Creative education, the SuperHi way.

In-your-own-home, at-your-own-pace, take-on-the-world learning. From coding to project management.

Higher, wider education

We put our lessons online where anyone can reach them.

Global online campus

Tens of thousands of people in 90+ countries. So far.

From URL to IRL

Beautiful, practical, real-world skills. Taught creatively.

Our online courses

How we're different

Creativity first

Our courses are tailored for those who work, or want to work, in the creative industries. You don't need to be a designer, just someone who enjoys making things. No wannabe tech bros.

Practical teaching

No computer science lectures here. We believe in learning by doing. We teach you how to create projects you'll actually want to make, from scratch, and then get them online.

Our community

You don't have to learn on your own. You're always welcome to join a talented, diverse and supportive community of SuperHi students from 90+ countries worldwide.

Lifetime access

We know people get busy, so all courses have lifetime access. They never expire, so you can take as long as you need and revisit them whenever you want. No stress.

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Get started with our free First Steps to Coding guide

Curious about learning to code but unsure where to start? Get an email every morning for 7 days about how to get started. It's completely free too!

Sites our students make

The proof is in the pudding. Our students go on to make their own beautiful sites and some of their stunning work has won digital design awards.

Questions we get asked a lot…

(but we're happy to answer!)

Have more questions?

Head over to our FAQ page or drop us an email.

We kept being asked to recommend a book for learning to code and most of them sucked.

So we wrote one that didn't suck! Learn to Code Now is a 440-page guide for beginners that want to learn how to make websites. Each copy of the book comes with the SuperHi Editor, an AI-powered code editor made for beginner coders.

You can buy it as a digital copy or get a printed version with free worldwide shipping.

Our students work at…

Curious about how we teach?

We publish free video tutorials every week, explaining the best techniques in digital design.

Why we teach online…

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After teaching at General Assembly, I started a code school in London called Steer. We held 5-day courses where students would turn up to our classroom on a Monday morning and leave on a Friday evening. I would stand in front of the class teaching the same material, week in week out, and over time, I noticed so many of the tiny issues of running a classroom-based school.

It was strange that we were teaching digital skills but not using any of the innovations that the same technology gives us. When I left Steer to start SuperHi, I wanted to take the best parts of an in-person classroom and use the internet to make the experience even better.

SuperHi is a more affordable, accessible way to learn. You're not paying thousands of dollars extra because we rented a classroom in a prime city location. We teach you wherever you are — our students are in 90 countries and 16 time zones!

We call it ‘asynchronous learning’. You don’t need to be there at a certain time. Whether you’re a quicker or slower learner, learning is at your pace, not ours. You can ask any question without feeling embarrassed in front of a group, and there’s no need to quit your job to skill up.

Just like our students, the SuperHi team is distributed globally which means we hire the best teachers in the world. You’re not being taught by some guy who happens to be available to stand in front of a class at that time in your city.

Learning anything creative shouldn’t feel like you’re in a military bootcamp. We get much stronger outcomes than whenever I taught in a classroom previously, and our results speak for themselves. Our students have gone on to change careers, increase salaries, go freelance and receive top awards for digital design.

Learn the SuperHi way.


Rik Lomas,
SuperHi founder + CEO