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Design + code your first website

Try our free course: Plan, Design + Code Your First Website. Get from idea to up-and-running, plus learn how to work with clients, project plans, wireframes, hosting, and more.

Learn to code from scratch

Everything you need to know to create websites from scratch. By the end, you’ll be comfortable in making your own websites with the best Javascript libraries, animation, and responsive design.

Become a digital designer

Learn responsive web design, from layouts and visual hierarchy to branding, color, type, and so much more. This is our fundamental design course, Visual Design + Branding.

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Get to know SuperHi’s learning method while creating a beautiful site from scratch. Zero catches, beginner friendly, and the only thing you need is a laptop with internet access.

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The big questions

When can I start my course or workshop?

You can start your course or workshop instantly after completing your purchase. Our free course can be started directly after signing up to SuperHi. You can then access your courses and workshops through your SuperHi dashboard whenever you’d like, and learn at your own pace with lifetime access to your purchases!

Do you provide a certificate of completion?

Yes, we do! To get yours, all you need to do is send the links of your completed projects over to at the end of your course. We will review them, provide feedback if necessary, and then issue your certificate!

What will I be able to create after taking your courses?

By the end of our courses, you'll be able to make real-world designs, interactive websites, or run and professionally manage digital projects, completely from scratch.

We have courses for beginners, intermediates, and anyone more advanced. Whichever course you choose, by the end of it, you’ll have work to show for your progress, ready to publish and which can go straight into your new or existing portfolio.

For details about what you’ll learn in each course, check out the syllabuses on the course pages.

How are you different from other online schools?

Unlike other programs where it takes a month or more before you make your first website, our courses are highly practical and centered around portfolio projects.

At SuperHi, you’ll learn how to make custom designs and websites, so whatever you make, it’s guaranteed to stand out. And, by the end of each course, you’ll have created professional quality projects, that can go straight to launch or into your portfolio.

Whenever you need help, we provide direct practical, and human support. Get feedback, career + portfolio advice, course support, and more. From the SuperHi team but also your peers, in our Discord community, filled with like-minded creatives and industry experts across the globe!

How much time will I need?

This will depend on the course that you choose: we have shorter courses that contain 8+ hours of material, and longer courses of up to 32+ hours of workload. On average course videos range from 5-35 minutes, so you can fit them into your schedule whenever you’d like.

All our courses are divided into multiple weeks, and we encourage you to take this as guidance to stay on track. However, you can go as fast or slow as you’d like, you have lifetime access to your courses!

For detailed information on course length, check out the syllabus on each course page.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer various ongoing discounts:

Students + scholars:

Get 20% discount on any SuperHi course. Email with a photo of your valid student ID (the expiration date should be visible), your billing address, email address, and which course you’d like to purchase.

Course bundles:

Add 2 or more courses to your cart and to get up to 50% discount. Your discount will be automatically applied during checkout.

For teams:

Whether you’re a team of 3 or 300, we can set you up with a custom plan that fits your organization’s needs, just reach out to, and we’ll take it from there.

How do I reach out for course support?

We understand how frustrating it can be to get stuck on a question or a technical issue whilst learning, which is why we offer our students personal, human support by the SuperHi Team. You can either reach out to us via or join our Discord community.

Do you offer memberships?

We’re currently not offering memberships or subscriptions.

Although in previous years we had a membership offer, through close contact with our students we’ve learned there’s a bigger need to only pay for what you use, and have more flexibility in completing courses. Removing our membership option has allowed us to improve pricing for one-off purchases to benefit our students, and now you’ll always have lifetime access to your purchases.

If you have an active membership, we’ll honor your subscription, and it will remain valid until you decide to end it.

Trusted by 50,000+ creatives

“The biggest plus has been the community and the fact that I can get help quickly if I’m stuck. Another plus is the inspirational aspect, sharing notes and connecting with other students.”

Niels Koelmeyer

Niels Koelmeyer

“Even after finishing my course I still receive support from the community and SuperHi staff.”

Jade Murphy

Jade Murphy

“SuperHi makes coding easy to follow and understand, and the online community of students and teachers is incredibly supportive and responsive. It’s taught me the skills I need to transition to working as a frontend developer, and create projects and sites that I love.”

Silja Walenius

Silja Walenius

“SuperHi have been so supportive, I never thought I’d be able to code and their Visual Design and Branding course has been a foundation in my design practice. I keep going back to it and would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get started in design”

Ashleigh Pote

Ashleigh Pote

“I keep coming back to SuperHi even when I’m not taking a course. SuperHi is an affordable option compared to bootcamps and the only online learning experience I found that has a genuine community of people that are active and involved.”

Jennifer Guillén

Jennifer Guillén

“I will be starting as a software engineer intern next week at a really cool startup! I owe so much to SuperHi and everyone in this community! You all have helped me so much and I am forever grateful! I am so excited to finally start working in tech”

Sarah Pilato

Sarah Pilato

“Aside from all the skills I’ve gained from SuperHi, one of the best return on investments has been the realization that professional upskilling doesn’t have to be monotonous and boring; it can be engaging and fun.”

Charlie Coppinger

Charlie Coppinger

“I think SuperHi removes the barrier of how to start, and what to build with amazing projects through the learning process”

Peter Javorkai

Peter Javorkai

“SuperHi not only jumpstarted my career in design but also provided me with a community that inspires and supports me every day. Joining SuperHi has been the best investment I’ve made!”

Amy Lima

Amy Lima