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July 6, 2019


Adam Oskwarek

Since the beginning of our online community we've been helping our students from around the world build up their skills, grow their confidence, progress in their careers and supporting them to do to the things they want to do.

We’ve seen so many amazing stories about how they’ve used the “hard skills” learnt with us to achieve their personal and professional goals.

We’re humbled by the lovely things they say and the beautiful, functional things they make.

Our students continuously inspire us by getting promotions, new jobs, pay rises, switching careers, having more confidence in their work & value, achieving better balance, making fun side projects. They constantly show us their desire to learn, smash work entropy and improve professionally. This inspires us as much as all the stuff they make during and after our courses.

There’s always more to their work (and life!) than their job roles alone. We may all be internet friends but behind every profile picture or avatar there’s wonderful humans trying and wanting to do and be their best. There’s so much more to each individual’s story and ability than specific technical capabilities or experience.

We see it every day and we hear it all.

Something that has become ever clearer is how undervalued “soft skills” can be out in the world.

Many people find developing them a key challenge. It can be universal, whether you’re at the beginning of your work life or already established.

Our team spends time coaching and supporting our community on these — anything from working through imposter syndrome, interview preparation, salary & promotion negotiation, managing workflows efficiently, approaching career switches or communicating effectively online and offline + so many more.

We think these less tangible skills — correction: superpowers — are so important.

They can make all the difference in the trajectory your work takes and how you reach where you’d like to be. That’s why we’re going to do more to be a source of truth for the wider community on them.

That’s right, we’re going to help you skill-up on them!

Making the active choice to take it on and push past it is empowering and we can all choose to do it. One of the wondrous things about the Internet is it’s what we make it, so it feels just perfect to tackle these topics online too. And we can do it together!

Each of us can carve out that mental space + time to invest in them individually and collectively. Even though many want to support us, no one is able do it for us.

It’s so important to back ourselves, turn our ideas into reality and share them confidently!

Join us as we explore these exciting and important topics that have the promise of changing lives as well as sparking new possibilities in all our careers.

About the author

Adam is on a mission to make better startups and digital products. He served previously as the COO of SuperHi.


July 6, 2019


Adam Oskwarek

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