Need a junior coder to help you make your own website, web-app or digital product?

We’ll mentor + train our students to work on your project.

SuperHi Studio lets our graduated students work on your real digital projects. We’ll mentor and train them in the skills they need to be professional coders and help them deliver you a project of the highest quality.

Tell us about the project you’d like us to work on and we’ll send you a quote.

For people wanting projects coded

The benefits of using SuperHi Studio to have your project created are two-fold. Firstly, it means that you will spend less than going to a professional web development agency which can cost you in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and secondly it will let you work with expertly-mentored coders. SuperHi is the middleman ensuring incredibly high standards of work.

Think of us as your technical partner dream team.

Most of our students already work in the creative industry so you’ll get a high level of care to details and professionalism. Our expert mentors have worked on award-winning websites (examples: 1, 2, 3).

We try to match you with a junior coder who is either local or in a similar timezone as you.

Wouldn’t a new coder mess up my project?

On their own, probably yes! We’ve worked with a lot of junior coders and without mentorship and help, there’s a high chance they won’t know the best techniques and the right way to go about a project. That’s why we mentor them for you.

It’s the best of both worlds. You get a less-expensive project with the benefit of having expert coders to make sure everything is on track and up to the highest and latest standards.

How much do you charge?

Each project is completely different. As you’re working with junior coders, we can competitively price projects to suit your budget.

As our coders are new, projects may take a little longer to finish but you’ll be working with multi-faceted professionals who are keen to put their new skills to the test and learn from the best.

We will always try to fit within a reasonable budget for your project. You should not expect get a full social media tech-startup for $100, but on the opposite end, we will not charge you anywhere close to the sky-high prices that some companies would.

Can you do my site for free?

No. We believe in paying people fairly. We will consider a discount for charities and non-profits but this is up to the discretion of the junior coders.

I’m not in the USA, can you still do the project?

Yes! We have students from all around the world. We have students in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, India, Romania, Singapore, Slovenia, Sweden, UK and a lot more countries. We will work with your budget and the most local students.

How do I know your students are good?

Good question. Luckily we attract some of the best creative talents in the world on our courses and therefore their capacity to learn is high. Our course is an intensive, practical course which gets students building professional-level sites with guidance.

Every coder on SuperHi Studio will have been through the whole course and vetted.

What should I do before contacting you?

If you have a project that you want to build, email us the following details:

  • What you want to create?
  • When does the project need to be completed?
  • Where are you based?

The more details you have (sketches, wireframes or completed designs), the more accurate our final quote can be.

Our team and students can handle not just coding but also branding, design work (both web and graphic design), copywriting, marketing (social media and paid advertising) and a lot, lot more. Even if you’re at the idea stage of a big concept, we can help you get to a full launch.

Send your information to [email protected]

For students + potential students

You will have needed to complete all projects on the 8 week online course before being eligible for project work.

Is an 8 week course enough to build professional standard work?

No. That’s why we want to mentor you and work with you to build up your skillset. The upcoming SuperHi Video service will also help you build your skills as well as working with the expert mentors at SuperHi.

What’s SuperHi Video?

It’s our upcoming intermediate and advanced level coding video service. It’s aimed at people who want to go beyond beginner HTML, CSS and Javascript skills. It will cover not only more advanced level front-end development skills but web design, back-end development skills and project management skills too.

We’re not taking any payment for our mentorship during our trial period of SuperHi Studio so we can understand what skills and topics we can add to SuperHi Video.

What will the mentorship be like?

We won’t throw you in at the deep-end and let you get on with it, but instead for each project, we will formulate a plan of action for both your learnings and the project itself. As current students know, we have a variety of different way that we give help: Slack, email support and 1:1 help so whatever works best for you works for us.

Usually, we will use tools like GitHub, GitHub Issues and Heroku to work on the project together as if you were another coder on the project with us, but the needs depend on the project itself.

What do I get paid?

You would get paid between 80-90% of the total project fee, depending on the scope and complexity of the project.

We feel this is a fair comprise as you’ll be getting free mentorship, new skills and new projects to add to your résumé and portfolio.

I already know code, can I join?

As this is just a trial, not yet. If successful, we will open it up to later students and eventually, non-students too.

How do I get involved?

Join one of our courses and finish to be part of it.

Our students work at…