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The SuperHi Spring Scholarship

The SuperHi Spring Scholarship

Hello world! We're proud to announce our biggest scholarship ever, to help us super-charge our mission to make better creative education accessible to all. Learn to code, design, manage digital projects and more, all 100% online.

SuperHi’s mission is to give creative and curious people the tools, techniques and confidence to bring ideas and work to life online. We're here to help people advance in their skills and careers, work more confidently, or change their careers entirely, in the digital and creative industries.

We think that education should be accessible to all, whatever your financial situation; that we won’t know how good technology can be until everyone has equal chance to participate; that diverse backgrounds and experiences working in the creative industries is crucial; that complementing whatever you're good at with new skills is a clear advantage; and that learning should be practical, fun as well as stress-free for the best chance to make it stick.

We think that we should all work harder to ensure skillsets are distributed representatively in the creative industries. We're proud and humbled that our current students are 47% female, 2% non-binary and 51% male from a wide range of backgrounds and over eighty countries.

They make amazing sites, design beautiful digital products and run healthy and happy projects. We also get better learning outcomes because we're online-first.

What you can win

  • 50 grand prize winners will receive any single course or bundle (that's 19 courses on code, design and project management to choose from!)

  • Our grand prize winners will also receive full access to the SuperHi Slack community of over 5000 current students and alumni working in the creative and technology industries, plus access to the SuperHi Editor and a digital copy of our Learn to Code book

Who can apply?

This scholarship is open to anyone and everyone.

Emerging creatives, students, and those looking to make a career change or add a new skill to complement what they're already great at are encouraged to apply. If this doesn't directly apply to you and you still would like to apply, please do.

SuperHi is a global community with students over 80 countries, so this scholarship is open to international applicants.

If you’re already on one of our courses or about to start, you can still apply. If your scholarship application is successful, we’ll refund you what you’ve paid relative to the prize.

Please note that while this scholarship is open to everyone, we are giving priority to students with a demonstrated need for financial assistance. If you've lost a job, have had clients cancel work, or are otherwise in need, please let us know in your application. We're operating on an honour system to provide opportunities to those who need it the most.

What you’ll need for our courses

They're all online, flexible and go-at-your-own-pace so all you need is a computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) with the latest version of Chrome installed and a broadband internet connection. That’s it!

Depending on the course, you may also need access to specific tools, but anything required for a course is free to use and we'll show you how to use them.

Deadline: April 10th 2020, 11:59pm Eastern Time

Winners will be selected by a blind review process — we remove all personal and identifying information from your application, and our independent judge will pick the winners. Make your application good!

Our students work at…

You don’t have to learn alone

Learning any new skill is difficult, especially if you’re trying to do it by yourself. As part of a course, you’ll have access to the help you need if you get stuck and reviews to help your code get stronger

It can be hard to learn best practices through Googling alone so every SuperHi project has a strong foundation that makes it easier to build upon. We also review your work to make sure everything is clean, maintainable and on track - no spaghetti code allowed!

We’re here to support you if you get stuck, either with any SuperHi project, any homework or even one of your very own self-initiated projects.

  • Every video page has a Question and Answer to receive in-context answers quickly
  • Get live Slack support — our team is distributed worldwide and we cover most hours of the day!
  • Get 1-to-1 sessions via Skype or Hangouts with one of our expert instructors
  • Request your own video tutorial – most of our videos are student requests
  • Or drop us an email whenever you like!

At your pace, not ours

Our courses are designed with flexibility in mind. We know that people get busy with work or freelance, so if you don't finish a course in exactly the amount of time, that's cool, it will still be there for you. We never turn off access.

Dip in and out, or revisit them whenever you're ready to start learning again.


Applications will close on April 10, 2020 at 11:59pm Eastern Time. Winners will be selected by a blind review process, removing all personal and identifying information.

Applications have now closed