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Things we get asked a lot (but that we’re happy to answer!)

SuperHi For Teams is for any creative team, big or small. You don't need to be a business in the traditional sense – as long as you’re a team of people whose work involves making things online, it's right for you!

SuperHi For Teams offers Unlimited memberships to all creative teams, big and small. Each team member gets access to all our design, code, and project management courses, plus extra benefits!

We're different from other education platforms - we take a creative approach to teaching technical skills:

  • "Show, Don't Tell" approach – Our expert-led courses are centered around portfolio projects that speak louder than bullet points on a résumé

  • Design-led technology – We use beautiful tools to help creative people learn more quickly.

  • Global community – We have an active, international, and diverse community of creative professionals all learning together.

We offer SuperHi Unlimited to each member of your team, a tailored learning path, and more! We have two plans available and if you have any additional questions, contact us at for more info and we'll be happy to help.

SuperHi provides support that actually helps: we have dedicated staff who can help you with hyper-specific queries and you'll have access to our online Slack community of students from around the world at your fingertips, too. Our students report that other free educational programs lacked community, so here at SuperHi we aim to foster this.

Our courses are highly practical and centered around portfolio projects, unlike other programs that take a month or more before you make your first website. Another benefit is that you get to learn at your own pace!

We think our students say it best:

"I’ve tried many online courses and I think SuperHi is way better for two main reasons: A) it’s straightforward, from day 1 and it helps you to build up something rewarding. B) It’s not only a video course but it has a really nice community of people helping each other over Slack. Seeing other people working and knowing there’s someone ready to help you is really motivating." - Fabio

"I went through Code Academy originally learning the basics of coding but felt like I didn't really learn the material. With SuperHi, I'm making really cool websites that I'm able to tinker with afterwards and they're the kind I want to be making in the first place. I love the Slack community and how helpful and friendly everyone is." - Hanan

"You didn't scare me by making programming sound super hard like everyone does. You make it sound accessible, I like the way things are explained and the way you feel progression every week." - Isabel

"It's like when you have a friend who's both really good at and passionate about something and every time they talk about it you can't help but get excited about it too. That's kind of what it's like taking a class and interacting with the SuperHi community." - Beau

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If you're enjoying learning with SuperHi and would like to buy additional seats for your SuperHi with Teams plan, just email us at with your teammate's name, email and learning goals, and we'll take care of the rest!

To reassign seats, just email us at with your teammate's name and email, and we'll take care of the rest!

For the longer ($299-$499 USD) courses:

The videos range from 5-35 minutes, so you can watch one per day or do them all at once. We estimate students will need about four to six hours per week to complete the videos, plus coursework.

If you are worried about time, however, don't forget that you get lifetime access to your course and our community. This allows you to go at your own pace: if you have a busy week or find yourself wanting to take more time with a concept, you won’t be rushed or left behind.

For the shorter ($149 USD) courses:

Each short course is around 6-8 hours, broken down in several lessons of around 30-90 mins. Within each lesson are several videos between 3-15 mins each.

We provide support that actually helps, including access to our online Slack community of creative students from around the world, learning together.

With our team based worldwide, we can support you early in the morning or late at night.

Got a question about a specific course video? Feel free to ask the question in the comments section, under the course video.

If you've got a question about payment plans, certificates, etc.? Send us a live chat message using the chat button, in the bottom right of the page!

Want feedback on your designs, sites, or anything else? Ask us in the dedicated course slack channel, and make sure you include the link to your portfolio/site.

Anything else? You can always email us at!

Yes, we do! All you'd need to do is send the links to your completed projects over to at the end of your course. We will review them, provide feedback if necessary, and then issue your certificate!

That's a great question! SuperHi for Teams has 2 user types: Team Admin and Team Member

  • Team Admins can request to add users, delete users, and also access payment pages.

  • The bulk of the users should be Team Members. Team Members have access to all SuperHi Unlimited features, courses, and products.

If you'd like to make any adjustments, just email us at and we'll take care of the rest!

We love to see the amazing projects our students make after taking our courses! If you're interested in being featured on our social channels, you can submit your code or design projects to our Student Work Submission Form.