The First Steps To Learning To Code

Curious about learning to code but unsure where to start? You’ve come to the right place.

Get seven days of free coding wisdom and advice from our expert instructor and SuperHi founder, Rik. Did we mention tens of thousands of people have already read the guide and it's totally free?

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Day 1 — Tomorrow

Learning to code will make you rich, famous and attractive…

…and how to see through the fake promises every single article on learning to code makes.

Day 2 — Wednesday

Professional coders don't want beginner coders to learn.

Shhh… there's a secret in our industry… learning to code is a lot easier than it sounds.

Day 3 — Thursday

Coding will make you feel like either an idiot or a genius.

There's no grey area in mental state when learning to code. Be ready.

Day 4 — Friday

What are all the different programming languages?

Why are there so many languages? Why are Java and JavaScript different when they sound the same? What?

Day 5 — Saturday

How to pick the right code language for the right job.

Digital projects heavily depend on the right choice of code language. Learn to pick the right ones.

Day 6 — Sunday

Totally lost? Five beginner projects to get you started.

Picking a project that's too hard can be demotivating. We'll help you start small and work up.

Day 7 — Monday

Five mistakes our students make when learning to code.

We've taught 1,000s of people — find out about the common mistakes we see when teaching.

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