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Day 1

How learning to code makes you rich, famous and attractive...

...and how to avoid the fake promises every single article on learning to code tells you.

Day 2

Professional coders don't want beginner coders to learn.

Shhh… there's a secret in our industry… learning to code is a lot easier than it sounds.

Day 3

Learning to code means you'll feel like either an idiot or a genius.

There's no grey area in your mental state when learning to code. Be ready.

Day 4

What are all the different programming languages?

Why so many languages and how come Java and Javascript are different languages?

Day 5

How to pick the right code language for the right job.

Digital projects heavily depend on the right choice of code language. Learn to pick the right ones.

Day 6

Unsure where to start? Five beginner projects to get you started.

Picking a project that's too hard makes it demotivating. Start small and work up.

Day 7

Five mistakes our students have when learning to code.

We've taught 100s and 100s of people – find out what common mistakes we see when learning.

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