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How can we help?

What forms of payment do you accept

We accept credit, debit or ATM cards (Visa, MasterCard or American Express), Apple Pay, Google Pay or payment via PayPal

How much are the courses? Is there a payment plan?

Our 8-week courses are US $499 (about €419.00 £379.00, AU$699.00), our 6 or 4-week courses are US $299.00 (about €249.00, £229.00, AU$409.00) and our short courses are US $149 (about €129.00, £109.00, AU$199.00)

We have the option to split 8 week course’s cost into 3 payments: an upfront deposit of US $199 then two monthly instalments of US $150.

To set up a 8-week course payment plan, email [email protected] with:

  • your full name,

  • the best email address for the course,

  • your mailing/postal address and

  • which course you’d like to join

If you'd like to set up a payment plan for a bundle, we can do that as well!

Are these online courses for me?

The majority of our students either work, or want to work, in the creative industries. Typical job titles are designers, illustrators, marketers, photographers, product managers, developers and many more.

We do have a significant portion learning with us who aren't in these roles or industries though. As long as you would rather learn in a creative, practical way then we're right for you.

Whether you want to learn front-end coding, designing for the web or how to run healthy, happy digital projects successfully there's something for you to add to your skills and confidence.

If you’re still not sure, ask our team in the chat box in the bottom right, we’re here to help!

Do you offer student discounts?

Yep, we offer current students all over the world a 20% discount on our normal priced individual courses. All we need is proof – email to [email protected] a photo of your valid student ID (valid date should be visible), along with the following information, and we'll send over an invoice with the discount applied:

  • your full name,

  • the best email address for the course,

  • your mailing/postal address, and

  • which course you’d like to join

Please note: student discounts do not apply to already discounted courses or products, like bundles or early bird launch offers. The highest single discount will apply.

Can I download the course videos?

Our courses are for online-only and you'll need an internet connection to watch the videos and also to use tools such as the SuperHi editor, Figma and Notion.

Can I share my access code?

Each access code is meant to be used by the individual who originally purchased the course so you shouldn’t share your access code with anyone else. Sharing your access code goes against our site Terms of Use to have multiple emails associated with one access code. This will also result in all accounts being frozen with no access to courses.

When can I start my course(s)?

All our courses are unlocked and available for students to start their learning and go at their own pace.

So if you purchase a course or bundle today - you'll have all courses in your student dashboard available to you. If you're busy and can't start right away, no worries you can pick it back up later.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, we occasionally do! The best thing to do is sign-up for our First Steps to Learning to Code newsletter and keep a look out for the future scholarship announcements.

Previous scholarships were for: Spring Scholarship (April 2020), LGBTQIA+ (July 2019), End of Year (December 2018), Women + NB (July 2018), Under 25s (February 2018), Black & Latinx (November 2017)

My schedule can get busy. Do I have to finish the course in the exact time?

No! Most of our students work full-time so we designed everything we do to be flexible. If you don't finish a course in the exact time, it'll still be there for you. We want you to complete it, make the learning stick and get the most from them so we'll continue to support you.

Other schools turn off access but we felt that if you bought it, it's should be yours for as long as you need it. No stress, no pressure.

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide to every country – so far we've shipped to 78 countries.

Shipping times will vary on location. We currently ship from California, and shipping takes between 5-20 business days.

Do you offer team discounts?

Yes we do! Because learning is better together! Whether you’re a team of 2 or 200, we can set you up with a custom plan that fits your needs. Teams from small agencies to large multinational companies have joined us to enhance their skills together and learn alongside our community from over 90 countries.

To save some money and get a custom bundle price, email us at [email protected] or click on the chatbox on the bottom. All we need is some information about your team size and we’ll let you know how much you will save. Bigger teams save even more!

Can I publish websites that I have done in the SuperHi Editor to my own domains?

Yes! You can use your own custom domains on SuperHi, or export your files to use on a self-hosted site. All SuperHi sites come with free SSL certificates too.

I've bought the digital book, but now I’d like to upgrade to the printed copy. How do I do that?

No problem, just buy the printed version of the book and let us know at [email protected] and we can refund the first digital version purchase in full.

Do you provide a certificate of completion?

Yes we do! All you'd need to do is send the links to your completed projects over to [email protected] at the end of your course. We will review them and issue a certificate for any of the courses you take.

Do I have to finish the course in the exact time?

No. You get lifetime access to your course and our community. This allows you to go at your own pace: if you have a busy week or find yourself wanting to take more time with a concept, you won’t be rushed or left behind. Rest assured, you’ll have our full support throughout.

How many hours per week does the course take? How long are the videos?

For the longer 4 to 8 week courses:

The videos range from 5-35 minutes, so you can watch one per day or do them all at once. We estimate students will need about four to six hours per week to complete the videos plus coursework.

If you are worried about time, just a reminder that you get lifetime access to your course and our community. This allows you to go at your own pace: if you have a busy week or find yourself wanting to take more time with a concept, you won’t be rushed or left behind.

For the short courses:

Each short course is around 6-8 hours, broken down in several lessons of around 30-90 mins. Within each lesson are several videos between 3-15 mins each.

Do you offer refunds or exchanges if I find that the course isn't helpful for me, or I am unable to complete the course?


Yea we do! All incomplete courses will apply for a full refund upon 7 days of course purchase. For any welcome packs/kits that are already shipped, we'll be able to issue the course refund once the welcome pack is returned. (Students are responsible for the cost of return).

Please take into consideration that for the time being, all courses are available immediately after purchase, and the refund policy terms apply to this timeframe.

Remember that with lifetime access, you can pick up the course again whenever you are ready, and we’re always here to help you learn the course material if you get stuck on a concept. If you're not sure if a course is right for you ask our team, we're here to help you take the best learning path for where you're at and where you want to get to! 


If a course isn't right for you and you'd like to exchange it, we're happy to make a one-time exchange within 7 days from purchase. Only 1 course exchange is allowed and exchanges can only be made for courses of equal value. We do allow course upgrades as well! Just email us at [email protected], we can provide you with the price difference and get that set up for you.

I've bought the book, and now I want to buy the course. Can I subtract the cost of the book from the course?

If you've already bought our book and decide later that you’d enjoy a more supported approach to learning to code, we'll refund the full price of the book when you take either our Foundation HTML, CSS and Javascript, Ruby on Rails or our WordPress course.

How are you different from other coding schools, like General Assembly, or free ones like Codecademy

SuperHi provides support that actually helps. 1:1 sessions and forever-access to our online Slack community of students from around the world means you have expert, personalized help at your fingertips. Our course is practical, unlike other programs that take a month or more before you make your first website.

The benefit of taking the SuperHi course is that while you still get to learn at your own pace, we will be here to guide you each week. Our students report that free coding websites lacked community and incentive, so here at SuperHi we aim to foster both.

We think our students say it best:

I’ve tried many online courses and I think SuperHi is way better for two main reasons: A) it’s straightforward, from day 1 it helps you to build up something, this is so rewarding. B) It’s not only a video course but it has a really nice community of people helping each other over Slack. Seeing other people working it, on knowing that there’s someone ready to help you it’s really motivating.


I went through Codecademy originally learning the basics of coding but felt like I didn't really learn the material. With SuperHi, I'm making really cool website I'm able to tinker with afterwards and they're websites I want to be making in the first place. I love the Slack community and how helpful and friendly everyone is. I honestly recommended SuperHi to a friend before I even began my courses.


You didn't scare me by making programming sound super hard like everyone does. You make it sound accessible, I like the way things are explained and the way you feel progression every week.


It's like when you have a friend who's both really good at and passionate about something and every time they talk about it you can't help but get excited about it too. That's kind of what it's like taking a class and interacting with the SuperHi community.


Read more about why we teach online

What do I need to take the course?

Each course has different requirements but most just need a computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) with the latest version of Chrome installed and a broadband internet connection.