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How can we help?

Are these online courses for me?

The majority of our students either work, or want to work, in the creative industries. Typical job titles are designers, illustrators, marketers, photographers, product managers, developers and many more.

We do have a significant portion learning with us who aren't in these roles or industries though. As long as you would rather learn in a creative, practical way then we're right for you.

Whether you want to learn front-end coding, designing for the web or how to run healthy, happy digital projects successfully there's something for you to add to your skills and confidence.

If you’re still not sure, ask our team in the chat box in the bottom right, we’re here to help!

Can I download the course videos?

Our courses are for online-only and you'll need an internet connection to watch the videos and also to use tools such as the SuperHi editor, Figma and Notion.

Can I share my access code?

Each access code is meant to be used by the individual who originally purchased the course so you shouldn’t share your access code with anyone else. Sharing your access code goes against our site Terms of Use to have multiple emails associated with one access code. This will also result in all accounts being frozen with no access to courses.

When can I start my course(s)?

All our courses are unlocked and available for students to start their learning and go at their own pace.

So if you purchase a course or bundle today - you'll have all courses in your student dashboard available to you. If you're busy and can't start right away, no worries you can pick it back up later.

My schedule can get busy. Do I have to finish the course in the exact time?

No! Most of our students work full-time so we designed everything we do to be flexible. If you don't finish a course in the exact time, it'll still be there for you. We want you to complete it, make the learning stick and get the most from them so we'll continue to support you.

Other schools turn off access but we felt that if you bought it, it's should be yours for as long as you need it. No stress, no pressure.

Can I publish websites that I have done in the SuperHi Editor to my own domains?

Yes! You can use your own custom domains on SuperHi, or export your files to use on a self-hosted site. All SuperHi sites come with free SSL certificates too.

Do you provide a certificate of completion?

Yes we do! All you'd need to do is send the links to your completed projects over to [email protected] at the end of your course. We will review them and issue a certificate for any of the courses you take.

How are you different from other coding schools, like General Assembly, or free ones like Codecademy

SuperHi provides support that actually helps. 1:1 sessions and forever-access to our online Slack community of students from around the world means you have expert, personalized help at your fingertips. Our course is practical, unlike other programs that take a month or more before you make your first website.

The benefit of taking the SuperHi course is that while you still get to learn at your own pace, we will be here to guide you each week. Our students report that free coding websites lacked community and incentive, so here at SuperHi we aim to foster both.

We think our students say it best:

I’ve tried many online courses and I think SuperHi is way better for two main reasons: A) it’s straightforward, from day 1 it helps you to build up something, this is so rewarding. B) It’s not only a video course but it has a really nice community of people helping each other over Slack. Seeing other people working it, on knowing that there’s someone ready to help you it’s really motivating.


I went through Codecademy originally learning the basics of coding but felt like I didn't really learn the material. With SuperHi, I'm making really cool website I'm able to tinker with afterwards and they're websites I want to be making in the first place. I love the Slack community and how helpful and friendly everyone is. I honestly recommended SuperHi to a friend before I even began my courses.


You didn't scare me by making programming sound super hard like everyone does. You make it sound accessible, I like the way things are explained and the way you feel progression every week.


It's like when you have a friend who's both really good at and passionate about something and every time they talk about it you can't help but get excited about it too. That's kind of what it's like taking a class and interacting with the SuperHi community.


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What do I need to take the course?

Each course has different requirements but most just need a computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) with the latest version of Chrome installed and a broadband internet connection.