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How can we help?

How much are the courses? Is there a payment plan?

Our 8-week courses are US $499 (about €442, £395, AU$660), our 4-week courses are US $299 (about €260, £225, AU$395) and our short courses are US $149 (about €130, £120, AU$195)

We have the option to split 8 week course’s cost into 3 payments: an upfront deposit of US $199 then two monthly instalments of US $150.

To set up a 8-week course payment plan, email [email protected] with:

  • your full name,

  • the best email address for the course,

  • your mailing/postal address and

  • which course and course start date you’d like to join

We can set up a payment plan for your bundle as well.