🚨 Check out a sneak peek of our upcoming Creative Coding course

There’s a new SuperHi course coming soon…

It may have something to do with that animation… keep on scrolling and we'll tell you a bit more…

We’ve worked closely with the fabulous Futurefabric to bring you a brand new course called Creative Coding

In Creative Coding, we'll discuss how to make your own animation toys from scratch using HTML, CSS + Javascript

We’ll show you how to use tools like the Two.js library to mold the web to your needs. Pretty cool, huh?

Isn’t this a lot of math?

Does the idea of sine, cosine and “y equals x squared” bring back bad memories from when you were 13 in Mrs Ganitski's math class? Just me?

Either way, no problemo — we’ll be explaining all of the geometry, animations, easings and timings you'll ever need, in the usual SuperHi way (i.e. not dull a.f.)

Scared of Javascript?

Don’t worry, us too! For this course, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know your curly and square brackets from your round brackets.

It’s a beginner course and no prior knowledge of Javascript is needed. We’ll talk through how JS works from a zero-knowledge point of view.

So we’ll make these kind of animations?

Yep. We’ll literally be making these animations you're looking at… and more. Not animations that are half-way to these, these are real projects you’ll be making.

By the end, you’ll be comfortable making your own animation toys in Javascript.

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Hold your horses, matey, we’re not quite ready to launch it yet. We’ve got some final touches to add and we’ll be ready in June.

We can let you know when we launch though. Put your email address in, or follow us on the social network of your choice, and we’ll message when it’s hot out of the oven.