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In Pursuit of Fulfillment #1: How to Define Your Dream Job

In our resume and cover letter series, we tackle how to prep yourself for the job hunt. Before that, you got clear on your career goals. So now you think you have what it takes. Or maybe you don't, but clearly, that's the imposter syndrome talking. Whether it's the pull of your own ambition, dreams, and goals or the push of your family, peers and bank account, something or someone is telling you: you need to get a job. Or a different one. So here we are, about to send you off to go get 'em. This is the foundation of our series on modern job hunting for creative people: let's start your job hunt searching in the right direction and asking the right questions.

Hello, Goals #2: Working on the Right Things

This is part 2 of our 4-part Skill Up guide on career goals, where we reset some common perceptions on effective goal setting and break apart how to think about goals in a creative way, for creative people. Part 1 is here if you missed it. Today, we're diving deeper to explore the foundation of it all: you. We'll also explore the different ways to think about goals so that you can harness their power to drive momentum and progress.

Imposter Syndrome with Carly Ayres

This time on Imposter Syndrome we're talking to Carly Ayres, a founding partner of HAWRAF, which she and her partners recently closed. She is a board member of AIGA’s New York chapter, and lives in Brooklyn.

Imposter Syndrome with Eric Hu

This time on Imposter Syndrome we're talking to Eric Hu, global design director at Nike in Portland, Oregon. Previously he worked as the director of design at Ssense in Montreal.

Imposter Syndrome with Jennifer Daniel

This week on Imposter Syndrome we talk to Jennifer Daniel, creative director for Google's emoji program. Previously, she was a graphics editor at the New York Times and Bloomberg Businessweek. Jennifer lives in Berkeley, California.