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Ask a Project Manager #2: How Do I Navigate Internal Politics to Get the Right Things Done?

Digital PM trainer and Digital Project Management course instructor Rachel Gertz is our resident advice columnist for our 6-part Ask a Project Manager series, where we aim to get real, get deep, and get practical with your most burning questions about life and career in the creative industries. Have a question for her? Submit yours here. Today, Rachel dishes on setting expectations and navigating internal politics when it feels like everyone has different priorities.

Ravioli at 3am and Metaphors on Baking Bread: Lauren Hom on Creative Burnout

Lauren Hom is a lettering artist and designer who started her career in advertising. Upon realizing she was burnt out from long nights at the office doing unfulfilling work, Lauren switched to pursue hand lettering full-time. We speak to her about post-burnout career transition, burning out even when doing what you love, and getting comfortable with saying no.

Matt Marshall, Head of Design at Circuit Stream: On How a Creative Technologist Thinks and Works

I got lucky. Matt (@marshmatter) was the first creative technologist that came up for me in a LinkedIn search. It wasn't quite random: surely the power of a geographic algorithm and one shared connection who I actually don't know means more than mere happenstance. But that's how we connected. Matt started in theatre after spending a childhood on film sets in Toronto. A mentor gave him the very wise advice that to step away isn't to forget, and he ended up years later as head of design at an enterprise AR/VR software company. I caught him just before he was about to head off to Iceland and we chatted about his career, from working on award-winning inventions to art installations to video games. Getting from point A to X? That's a lot more than luck.

How to Design Better Meetings

We recently covered why we think everyone needs to think like a project manager. Today, we continue down the path of diving into essential PM skills that almost anyone can learn and benefit from, by tackling something that no one can get around and everyone has opinions on. What's the answer to this riddle? Meetings, of course! From the six different types of meetings to building a practice of creating safe and inclusive spaces, we're here to help you do meetings better this year, with loads more intentionality and a little bit less .../huh?/!?!?!

Marivรญ Nadal, Customer Experience at SuperHi: On Big Moves and Trying New Things

I can't wait for you to meet her. This is what my brand new colleague said to me, after I told her that I was meeting with Marivรญ (@marivinadal) during my very first week at SuperHi. It's now been months and she has become a familiar face: we "meet" as she contemplates dinner (tacos if it's Tuesday) while I contemplate breakfast on the other side of the world. On this particular day, she was working out of a castle in Stockholm (to be clear: a coworking space) - and we chatted about something other than work but not too far from it. This is a conversation about work in the context of change, ambition, love - how all these things interweave into the story of our lives. From almost dedicating her life to law and then to space exploration, to user research and CX, how ambition used to look one way but life is a series of second chances you give yourself. Now I can't wait for you to meet her too.

Troy Leinster, Type Designer at Hoefler & Co: On the Importance of Continuing Education

After over a decade as an independent graphic designer, Troy Leinster (@7roy) started pursuing type design. He first studied closer to home at Monash University in Melbourne before heading to [email protected] in New York and later, Type and Media Masters course at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Now Troy is a type designer working at Hoefler & Co and teaching at Cooper Union. We met on a nice fall day at an initially quiet and then extremely loud bar in lower Manhattan to chat about how he ended up in type design, the importance of continuing education and the experience of transitioning between disciplines.

Why Everyone is a Project Manager

At SuperHi, we teach creatives all kinds of digital technical skills from coding to branding, Shopify theme development to user experience design. Last September, we launched our Digital Project Management course, led by the lovely people at Louder Than Ten. We think of this course as our first foray into a full-stop hybrid course, teaching a beautiful blend of soft and hard skills that act as a touchstone for all kinds of effective work, whether you work for a team or yourself. Here's why we think anyone can take this course (because that's who we made it for), and why, in 2020, practically everyone is a project manager.

Stewart Scott-Curran, Brand Design Lead at Loom: On Strategic Thinking and Staying Open

Stewart (@stewartsc) grew up in Scotland doing regular creative kid things: reading lots, drawing lots, making up stories. But unlike a lot of creatives who'd often much prefer to do the work rather than lead it, he's quite clearly a strategist and leader. It's in the way he thinks, the way he talks. It comes out in small ways, like in our chat when he'd mention not putting too much weight in job postings or how he liked to push people and brands to supersede their perceived boundaries. He's done that with his career too, having graduated before ever working with a computer and now leading teams making things on the internet. Stewart was at home in Portland when we chatted, a welcome interlude to my quiet morning.

Work in Progress: How to Build a Career You Love When Everything is Changing

As part of our ongoing deep dive into the modern job hunt, we've covered defining your dream job. If you're a career changer, there's certain things you should know about looking for a job. And what if you're pretty set on where you work, but want to keep growing? Then, here you go. Next up, we talk to people on their careers and job trajectories. Before we dive in, we bring it all back to the whole concept of a career in today's changing world.

In Pursuit of Growth: How to Job Hunt Internally

This is part of our series on the modern job hunt. Check out our primer on defining the modern dream job so you know what you're looking for, to start. If you're a career changer, there's certain things you should know about looking for a job. But here's a scenario that isn't really that glamorous to talk about because it's not about major reinventions and wild, endless possibilities. So that's the big question we're exploring today: what if you're already working at your dream company? How do you keep growing from there?

In Pursuit of Change: How to Job Hunt for a New Career

If you missed our primer on defining the modern "dream job", you can find that here. Today, we're going to cover specifics of job hunting when you're sort of starting from scratch as a career changer. "Sort of" being operative here, because of course, you're not really starting from scratch even though it feels that way. Your career path is your differentiator. But how do you navigate applying for jobs when you come from a non-traditional background? What are the things you should know and how do you stand out? How do you turn your perceived disadvantages into career leverage? Let's dive into it.

In Pursuit of Fulfillment: How to Define Your Dream Job

In our resume and cover letter series, we tackle how to prep yourself for the job hunt. Before that, you got clear on your career goals. So now you think you have what it takes. Or maybe you don't, but clearly, that's the imposter syndrome talking. Whether it's the pull of your own ambition, dreams, and goals or the push of your family, peers and bank account, something or someone is telling you: you need to get a job. Or a different one. So here we are, about to send you off to go get 'em. This is the foundation of our series on modern job hunting for creative people: let's start your job hunt searching in the right direction and asking the right questions.

Hello, Goals #2: Working on the Right Things

This is part 2 of our 4-part Skill Up guide on career goals, where we reset some common perceptions on effective goal setting and break apart how to think about goals in a creative way, for creative people. Part 1 is here if you missed it. Today, we're diving deeper to explore the foundation of it all: you. We'll also explore the different ways to think about goals so that you can harness their power to drive momentum and progress.

Imposter Syndrome with Carly Ayres

This time on Imposter Syndrome we're talking to Carly Ayres, a founding partner of HAWRAF, which she and her partners recently closed. She is a board member of AIGA’s New York chapter, and lives in Brooklyn.

Imposter Syndrome with Eric Hu

This time on Imposter Syndrome we're talking to Eric Hu, global design director at Nike in Portland, Oregon. Previously he worked as the director of design at Ssense in Montreal.

Imposter Syndrome with Jennifer Daniel

This week on Imposter Syndrome we talk to Jennifer Daniel, creative director for Google's emoji program. Previously, she was a graphics editor at the New York Times and Bloomberg Businessweek. Jennifer lives in Berkeley, California.